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Rock Cats - Featuring Erstwilder's Rock Icon Tribute brooches

Posted on 17 March 2017

Now this post started with 'Love Cats' by The Cure being sung loudly and badly at my desk so I hope by the end of this you get it firmly stuck in there too!
Erstwilder have outdone themselves this season with the expansion from the previous Rebel Rebel David Bowie inspired cat brooch. With the most iconic musicians of all time in kitty form, yes you heard it Kitty Form!!
The variety in this range, attention to detail and lets face it the absolute adorable features of these stars in cat form make it hard to just choose one! I myself have 4 items from this range.
The kitty that inspired this concept is now in adorable stud earring form. With the iconic makeup and eyes of David Bowie this item is a must have if you are a Ziggy fan.
Is the Material Girl more your style? Well how about Madonna in her most iconic early 80's get up? I love the accessories and cuffs!
Two Kings right here. The King of Rock and Roll, the one and only Elvis, in his famous while jumpsuit and that iconic hair - oh my! Then the king of pop Michael Jackson. It's amazing how simply the details can be but they completely turn these cats into these mega stars. The hat, that little kiss curl and jacket - purrrrfect for the king of kitty pop.
Are you an GnR fan? Well we now have Axl Rose in cat form and he's freaking adorable!! That little bandanna and and glasses plus studded cuffs  - I'm dying from cuteness. Then for the flower children there is Instant Karma which is a very chill John Lennon cat. Simple designs but so easy to recognize this icon and I love the tie-dye fur.  
My absolute favourite out of this set has to be the kitty formally known as Price. This little white floof has the best styling of all and an amazing guitar. Paying homage perfectly to Prince who many of us are still missing like crazy. Then lastly one for the metal rock fans the one and only Kiss inspired brooch. How cool is the iconic Kiss makeup on a cat - if only this was real! 
Which Rock Cat is your stand out favourite? 

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