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Funky Footwear! by Hot Chocolate Design

Posted on 10 May 2018

Are you a fan of kitschy cuteness on your tootsies? Do you love bright colours, amazing prints and really comfortable easy to wear heals and chunky platforms? Well our latest arrivals from Chocolaticas - Shoe Fun may just be the shoes of your dreams.

While summer is behind us we always need a pair for heels to inspire us to keep the tropical fun going all year round. Plus when you escape the winter locally and take those tropical mid year holidays you'll be needing an appropriate shot right?
These adorable mary jane style heels are paradise for your feet featuring parrots, stunning tropical flowers and a faux bamboo heel that will make you swoon. 
Looking for something with a bit less height but still bold and sweet? How about a mismatched white & blue toile pattern with an almost tattoo style design hidden within.The bold blue edges on this style really make that print pop.
Any horror fiends out there? We have these amazing Monster and Bride platforms with bold neon colours and bandage style base. Just at those stitches and details ahhh we are dying from the b-grade horror cuteness. 
Gravity Shoes - $119.99
Drum roll please...... prepare your self for a out of this world style shoe! I might have to hang my head with shame after that joke but can we just take a moment to fall in love with these space age shoes? 
Featuring a super bouncy base that will remind you of the moon landing and all the galaxy and space man visuals you could ever want! 
The perfect pair of Lolita theme shoes has hit Cherri Lane. With a stunning mismatched blue print, lace detailing, striped platform base and those adorable bows at the back of each shoe. Pair these with your best bobby socks for a super sweet look.
Which will you be snapping up? It's so hard to choose!!!!

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