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Flamingo Crazy - Birds of a feather flock together!

Posted on 03 January 2017

If there is one thing I connect with pinup and rockabilly culture over summer it has to be the Flamingo. Every gal and guy seems to be nutty for this little pink bird and I myself have been addicted to them for many, many years.
From prints, to accessories, garden features to gifts there is something 'Flamingo' themed to suit everyone instore right now.
The must have garden feature of every Aussie pinup has to be the classic and adorable pink plastic twins. They look amazing both indoors and in your garden and give that classic retro vibe to any location.
Sweet and bold this is the go to necklace for all Flamingo lovers! It's all about pink with this bold hot pink chunky chain and super sweet little flamingo pendant. Perfectly paired with pastel floral or bright summer shades.
Banned have such an amazing selection of handbags but until this moment I wasn't aware they are wallets - for shame, Teer! The wallet is the perfect mix of pastel shades, dainty embroidery and amazing artwork.
Now you thought you had every Flamingo related didn't you? Well you are missing the best drink holder in the planet from your collection and this must be rectified asap. Fully inflatable, perfect for lazy days beside the poor or in your own tiki bar.

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